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contact | js@johanstraarup.dk

My name is Johan Straarup and I provide the service of 3D modelling for 3D printing and 3D visualization.


I am trained as an architect and work for cabinetmaker Malte Gormsen Ltd.


Bureau Johan Straarup give me the posibilities for working with 3D in different ways and continue to develop my skills.


Feel free to contact me about any given 3D assignment.


3D print

3D modelling for artist Jonas Jensen

Living room

Interior 3D visualization of summer house


Interior 3D visualization of conservatory


Principle illustration for the book YOUNG-OLD by architect Deane Simpson


3D visualization of plant for Agro Tech

Cardboard models

3D modelling for the exhibition NEW SOVIET PEOPLE WILL CONQUER SPACE by architect Deane Simpson

Surface CNC
Surface perspective CNC

CNC milled test surface. Modelled in Blender and fabricated at Malte Gormsen Ltd.

3D animation made for the artist group Toves. Exhibited at Charlottenborg.